Big savings on beauticians and cosmetics

Guessing a happy woman who reached the pinnacle of pleasure last night is not so difficult: her skin is radiant, her smile does not fall off her face, and stars shine in her eyes. For all this, you can express the highest gratitude to your lover – his talent helps a woman produce estrogen during sex – a beauty hormone.


Fitness in your bed

The same estrogen produced during active sex helps to maintain appetizing forms in decent condition. In just half an hour (some half an hour) of having sex, partners can contribute to weight loss – about 200 calories are burned. If you make a recalculation for the currency of the gym, then half an hour of sex is equal to 15 minutes of running. Instead of cardio exercises in the morning, how do you like this idea?

Increasing the army of fans

“Trouble does not come alone,” says the old proverb. Indeed, where there is one man, there, according to statistics, a couple more charming guys are walking nearby. All this is easy to explain: after sex, the body exudes a large amount of pheromones that attract men.

Peaceful and deep sleep

If morning sex is a great replacement for exercise, then bedtime sex is the perfect weapon against insomnia. Sex normalizes sleep, allowing you to quickly relieve tension after a working day, relax and fall asleep. Take note!



Smiles, songs and dances

We don’t know of any woman who has had a negative effect on sex. And all because sex is one of the ways to relieve depression, and very effective. In the process of orgasm, so many hormones of oxytocin and endorphin are released into the blood that the lucky woman experiences a feeling close to euphoria. In addition, these hormones of joy successfully suppress others – the hormones responsible for the state of stress, improving mood.

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Sex can even be attributed to natural “grandmother’s” methods of treatment. Do you suffer from frequent headaches or PMS discomfort? This is not a reason to refuse sex, but on the contrary – a signal to action! All the same endorphins and oxytocins are your assistants in the fight against painful sensations. In addition, they are much more effective than the usual analgin or no-shpa.

Women Health

A very important factor that cannot be overlooked. Regular and high-quality sex is the key to good health. Many doctors agree that sex is one of the ways to strengthen the immune system, as the percentage of immunoglobulin A antibodies significantly increases. Yes, sex increases the body’s resistance to viruses. This point is especially worth paying attention to during the transition from winter to spring. All love, all sex.

Why not?

After all, we don’t see any good reason why a woman can’t have an orgasm every day and enjoy a healthy sexual relationship. This is at least pleasant, and as a maximum, it has a very beneficial effect on a woman’s life.

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