1. Laughing is allowed!

Although sex is a serious thing, this does not mean that you should engage in it silently. There are funny situations in which it is difficult to keep from laughing – and it is not necessary! Good mood improves any process.


2. Use lube

No, it’s not just for BDSM and those who don’t have enough of their own lube. Lubricant can be used in any sexual intercourse.

3. Condoms are not the enemy

Often men refuse to wear them due to reduced sensitivity. First, there are different options. Secondly, only condoms will save you from diseases, including those that have not manifested themselves for years.

4. Pain should not be

Very important words! No need to endure discomfort, you need to deal with their causes and make sure that sex remains enjoyable.

5. Don’t Fake an Orgasm

It may seem that this is how you help your partner, but in fact this is a disservice. It is better to talk to him about what caresses you like.


6. Feel free to indulge yourself

This will not grow hair on the arms and will not worsen sex. But you will know the needs of your body better!

7. Experiment

Sexual fantasies don’t exist in vain. It is not at all necessary to give in to group sex or to cuff your hands with handcuffs – there are many other interesting activities.

8. Don’t think about how you look.

And your sex life will immediately improve! The simplest argument: since the partner is with you and loves you, everything suits him. It’s time for you to love your reflection in the mirror.