Beautiful romantic films are good not only in themselves, but also as a source of inspiration and a hint for fantasies. What can be learned from such a touching and tragic love story against the backdrop of a catastrophe that shook the whole world like the Titanic? Yes, anything! For example…

8 Intimate Tips Inspired by Titanic


  1. “Draw me like one of your French girls.” An unusual and very creative way of foreplay: you are lying on the bed in one necklace in the spirit of the “Heart of the Ocean”, like Rose, and your loved one is trying to portray you. If he can’t draw, it’s okay: you didn’t start all this so that your portrait would decorate the wall, and then to smoothly move on to the next scene.
  2. The only place Jack and Rose could find privacy was in a car in the hold of a steamboat. You can play Titanic in the car in the garage.
  3. Appreciate every day. As Jack Dawson said, “Life is a gift and I’m not going to waste it.” You never know how it will turn out. So do not miss the opportunity to make love to each other more often before you become an old woman who will only indulge in memories of past passion.
  4. Travel first class. Stock up on champagne, put on your best outfits, and pretend you’re going to dine on lobster, black caviar, and fresh oysters from brand-new china (don’t worry if it’s actually aubergine caviar and crab sticks; it’s all about the mood).
  5. Dream ship. Take it on the boat. No boat? Okay, and the bath will do. Turn on Celine Dion and make a bubble iceberg.
  6. Get ready to show yourself as a true lady and gentleman. And they do favors without expecting anything in return. From time to time, arrange for a partner a night of sexual pleasures, without demanding reciprocal caresses from him. And the next night you can switch roles. This way you both can take turns feeling exceptional.
  7. “If you jump, I’ll jump too.” It’s like a kid’s game of teasing, only with adult action. If he kisses you on the neck, then you kiss him on the neck – and vice versa.
  8. You are the kings of the world. Make love on the balcony, and when it’s over, open your arms like Jack and Rose, exposing your faces to the night breeze.