According to the movies, sex in a hotel is active and beautiful, something that can be remembered for a long time. Women tell how he is in real life.

Intimacy on vacation: 8 funny stories about sex in a hotel


  1. “Went on vacation a few weeks ago with a boyfriend and a couple of friends. It just so happened that the first night we stayed in a studio apartment with two large beds. They went to bed early and we decided to have some fun. But very, very quiet. that they would wake up gave us strength! I really liked it. ” Olga, 27 years old
  2. “We met him at the hotel with payment by the hour … Four orgasms, a dozen positions, endless kisses and mutual caresses, oral sex … In general, half a day flew by.” Maria, 32 years old
  3. “On vacation, we had a small room with a huge shower, where we fit together. He lathered his hand, rubbed my back, then moved lower … Then events developed naturally, and we really liked it.” Vera, 30 years old
  4. “Once we rented a great hotel room with floor-to-ceiling windows. We turned off the lights, opened the curtains and had sex. If we wanted to, we could very well be seen from the street, maybe they were. It was very cool!” Elena, 32 years old
  5. “We love to book rooms with a balcony and pool view. If anyone sees or hears, it’s their own fault!” Alesya, 27 years old
  6. “The vacation was long-awaited, so we had sex all day. In the evening, we went to the beach for a short time – and again. The bed had comfortable rails, to which we took turns chaining each other. I want more!” Marina, 33 years old
  7. “Our favorite pastime is sex in front of the windows with open curtains. Yes, the floor is high, but they can notice, and this only makes it better.” Irina, 30 years old
  8. “Once we had sex on the balcony … and then we heard unambiguous sounds from the next door. Once we bumped into the neighbors at the door, we exchanged understanding smiles.” Vera, 27 years old