The cowgirl pose is good on literally every count: clitoral stimulation, total control… But that doesn’t mean he has to look at the phone screen at that moment! Hint him what he can do and how this pose is useful for you.

1. He will follow your rhythm

Do not move your hips just like that, but feel your movements and give you even more pleasure.


2. Let it warn you about sneezing

Or hold back, otherwise you both will be embarrassed.

3. You can not go to the gym today

You train your muscles well, jumping up and down from not the most comfortable position.

4. You may not have an orgasm.

Although this position involves clitoral stimulation, there may not be an orgasm. Consider bringing a sex toy with you or changing positions.

5. You don’t have to take off your bra

If you move a lot, think about what you will be most comfortable in.

6. You can move and kiss at the same time

And it is very convenient and pleasant!

7. He can grab your hips

And without much effort to lift into the air. The truth is, you might not like it.

8. And don’t squeeze your hips too hard.

It throws you off the rhythm and after the tenth repetition it becomes unpleasant.