1. You get much more than you give.

Foreplay – he kisses you, then does cunnilingus. The main part is vaginal sex plus caresses of the clitoris. Both of you got what you wanted, only he was also powerless. Someday you will please him too…


2. Your favorite positions are missionary, spoons, doggy style

And others where you can do nothing. Sometimes you choose a rider, but when was the last time?

3. You can’t stand even the slightest discomfort.

There are people who notice a bruise from the headboard long after sex is over. You are not one of those! You like to relax and can’t stand any pressure.

4. You can also tie, just to do nothing

Yes, you are participating in a role-playing game, you are pleased … But it is impossible to give pleasure, you are tied!

5. You can not be distracted from the TV

Agree, this is not the position of a princess, but a queen!

6. You are very fond of sex toys

Mainly because it eliminates the need to work with your own fingers.

7. And you perfectly know how to moan

You compensate for the lack of caresses with sounds that are pleasant to your partner’s ear, so that for years he can ignore your laziness in bed. And if everything suits you both – so be it!