get drunk

From a glass of wine, your desire will only become sharper, but if you or he gets carried away, then things can take a bad turn. Okay, not so bad, no one has died from lack of sex yet, but your plans will be ruined. In English there is even a special expression for this – whiskey dick (dick whiskey). Remember: when your boyfriend exceeds a certain amount of alcohol, his liver can’t handle the toxins in the drinks, and they end up in other parts of the body, including his penis.


Celebrate with his or your parents

You must have heard a million times that the New Year is a family holiday. If parents annually follow a good tradition and literally twist your arms, forcing you to keep company with your mom, dad, grandmother and uncle from Surgut, you should know that in this case, it is unlikely that anything will work out with sex. Even if you manage to get home before morning, and not spend the night in your old nursery, this evening will still pass under the sign of “anti-sex”.

In general, it’s up to you. Uncle from Surgut is not going anywhere, but sex under the chiming clock happens only once a year.


This point follows logically from the previous two. A serving of Olivier salad with a roast goose is a good company, but a bird will not make friends with sex. Of course, we do not advise you to chew a leaf of lettuce all evening, just restrain yourself in your breaking the fast. On a full stomach, it’s not so easy to be a passionate tigress, but a sleepy cat is easy.


Arrange a disassembly

For some reason, the most epic quarrels of the year happen on New Year’s Eve. It’s like all the emotions that you’ve been holding back for the previous 365 days, all the resentment, anger and jealousy join hands and jump out exactly a few minutes before the start of Blue Light. The advice may sound idiotic, but try to avoid it. If you have unresolved issues, deal with them before you enter the new year together.

Get epilated the day before

At first, this may seem like a good idea to you – this night you want to be perfect in everything, but if you delayed your beauty treatments and decided to get a manicure, pedicure, mask and hair removal on December 31, then… Postpone the hair removal! Whatever it is – wax or sugaring – it will remind you of itself at the most inopportune moment, and a romantic evening will turn into a short torture. Short, because once he puts his hand in your panties, it’s all over.



Forget the goose in the oven

Before you decide to rip off your clothes and have sex right on the kitchen table, make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off and the goose is not languishing in the oven. If there is anything that can cool your ardor, it is a bird that has decayed to embers and an empty stomach.

Have sex with a stranger

The New Year often brings people together: on the eve of the holidays, people without a partner feel loneliness more acutely than on ordinary days. That is why you can easily succumb to the persuasion of a friend to keep her company at the New Year’s party, meet a guy there and, after a few glasses, agree to retire with him. There is really nothing wrong with this, unless in the morning you will be hurt or ashamed of it. It’s better to tell your friend before the party, “I’m not going to have sex with anyone at this party, so if I drink too much and you notice that I’m acting strange, make me go home.”

We wish you an unforgettable bright sex in the coming year!