1. Match his trigger words

That rare case when a trigger should evoke positive emotions. For example, he has a special word for intimate organs or sex in general, and the mention of this word turns him on. If you are embarrassed to speak, start with erotic correspondence, it will help clarify the situation. For example, you can write: “I really want to see you at night. Tell me where it’s best to touch you.” His answer will help you create an erotic vocabulary for the upcoming night.


2. Tell him about your arousal

These phrases sound funny, but they are very exciting: “I want you so much”, “I am languishing”, “Orgasm is close”, and other similar ones. Let him be aware of what is happening, and you do not have to painfully think about what else to say. When you talk about how excited he is, he mentally poses that he succeeded. And it’s wonderful!

3. No pressure

Dirty talk should not be a reason for conflict. If he insists and you don’t want to, then you need to come up with something else. If you are embarrassed to say outright vulgarities, start with an innocent “I want you to kiss me there and there.” As you both practice, the list of phrases will grow on its own.


4. Determine what turns you on

You don’t have to play the part of a porn star in bed… unless you want to. What you say should please you too, and not upset you in any way. Your tone can be playful, distant, sexy, whatever, as long as it suits you. Think about what pleases and inspires you (even if it is not related to sex), then you will sound natural.

5. Practice being concise

Sometimes just one word is enough to get a partner. For example, great options are “yes”, “faster”, “stronger”, “more”.

6. Talk about his qualities that you admire

For example, about how good he is in bed and how nice his beard pricks. Do not focus on the size of the penis, especially if it is not outstanding, but praise the powerful erection.

7. Say what you want

An easy way to start a dirty talk is to talk about your fantasies and desires. In addition to being quite interesting, there is a great chance to try something right now!