There are many prejudices around anal sex. Let’s try to figure them out!

7 things you didn't know about anal sex

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  1. It does not hurt. But out of habit, sensations during anal sex can be uncomfortable. If you suddenly feel pain, this is a sure sign that your partner is doing something wrong.
  2. Sex as a process is never humiliating. It’s just a matter of associations and context. If you enjoy anal sex, there is no ethical reason not to.
  3. Some women really enjoy anal sex. Others don’t. This is neither good nor bad, but only a matter of subjective perception.
  4. If you get uncomfortable, don’t ask him to remove your penis. Let him just pause and stop the friction to avoid the unpleasant moment of insertion of the widest part of the penis – the head.
  5. The missionary position is not very suitable for anal sex. The fact is that with it you have the least ability to control the intensity and depth of penetration.
  6. Even though you may experience sensations similar to a false urge to defecate during anal sex, be calm – this will not actually happen.
  7. After you do this for the first time, it may seem like you can now have anal sex every day. It’s not like that, so learn to say “no” if you’re uncomfortable.

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