“He’s too small for me”

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The excuse about size always takes pride of place. For some reason, many men are convinced that they “smell like a dog, a penis like a horse.” The statistics, however, are ruthless. The average size of condoms is about 18-19 cm. Once again, this is the average length, and it will not be difficult to find a condom 20 cm or longer in the mass market. A study by LifeStyles Condoms notes that the average penis length is 14.9 cm when erect. According to another study, only five men out of a hundred have penises larger than 16 cm. Oops, something doesn’t add up.


“He presses me!”

And here, as it seems to a man, checkmate comes. We decided on the length, but what to do if it squeezes at the base? The coverage of the Soviet “product #2” was 54 mm wide, but today the line of condoms is much more diverse. Now most condoms from the mass market are 55-56 mm in diameter. If the penis is wider, it can be tight, but for these purposes, you can easily find oversized condoms.

“I don’t feel anything in him”

Yes, yes, there are sensitive natures all around. To be honest, modern condoms are so thin that he is unlikely to be able to feel at all that there is something between him and you. But if he is an aesthete, then choose Japanese condoms, which are 0.02 mm thick, they are one of the thinnest in the world.



“We’ve been together for a long time”

Oh yes, and maybe you also get tested for HIV and STDs every six months? Not? Then remember that the wisdom “Trust, but verify” did not appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately, married women are also at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. And most often this “gift” comes to them from a husband whom they trusted.

“Everything falls in my condom”

Then we have some bad news for you, boy. It’s not about the condom. Unstable erection is a common problem, even for young people. And when he inspired himself that in a condom he “doesn’t succeed,” it’s not surprising if he doesn’t succeed. The reasons for an unstable erection may be the sea – he just found the one he believed in himself. But no, a condom cannot magically take away your partner’s erection.


“I dream of making you children”

Run! Especially if you hear something like this during your first sex. Early statements that he wants a family and children with you are warning signs. Excessive dominance and an attempt to “jump” a few years ahead in your relationship suggests that you are probably facing a narcissistic type of person who will always only care about his needs and desires.

“I only sleep with good girls, they don’t get sick”

Of course, you can specify how he determined that he was a “good girl” (the most common answer to this question is: “Well, you see!”), But all this is meaningless. If a man divides girls into “good” and “bad” not according to their inner qualities, but according to how many sexual partners she had, most likely you are not on the same path with him.