Sex with a stranger is a fairly common fantasy. What does it look like in reality? Here are some stories of men about such events.

An hour in a tent - and goodbye: 7 stories of men about sex with strangers

  1. “I met a girl in a bar. She offered to go to her place, so we jumped in a taxi and went to her apartment. The next morning I left and never came back, although I was pleased: she suggested it herself,” Andrey, 26 years old.
  2. “A friend decided to get married. They rented a floor in a country hotel with the bride. There were five bridesmaids and the same number of groomsmen. After the wedding was over, I entered the elevator, and on the next floor one of the girls entered and said: “I forgot to book a room, and I have nowhere to spend the night”. I never found out her name, I only know that they studied at the institute together with the bride. In short, I said that I was going to the store for beer, and gave her the key to the room. When I returned, I was sure that there will be no one there. But she was. Naked! Lying down on my bed. All night we had sex. We got up in the morning, talked – and went in different directions, “- Vadim, 32 years old.
  3. “I met a friend at a bar, and he brought an old acquaintance. We immediately liked each other and an hour later we locked ourselves in the toilet. We didn’t see each other after that evening,” Igor, 25 years old.
  4. “We met at a music festival, spent an hour together in my tent, broke up forever,” Anatoly, 32.
  5. “I missed the bus, and the girl, who also didn’t have time, offered to spend the night with her. I don’t remember much, because we drank a lot. In the morning I left, trying not to wake her,” Maxim, 24 years old.
  6. “I came to the conference, and we were settled in some hostel. My bed was broken, and one girl offered to go to her room – the neighbor did not come. Word by word, we ended up in the same bed, and then the neighbor finally appeared In general, none of the three of us slept that night,” Alexander, 28 years old.
  7. “I came to the festival with two pairs of friends. They were constantly kissing, I got tired, and I called the first girl I came across to kiss (with her consent). It all ended in my room,” Egor, 26 years old.

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