1. Sex is not only an orgasm, but …

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

As you know, women get an orgasm less often than men, and although many are already used to this, you can always try to improve the statistics. For example, do not focus on orgasm as such, add variety to your sex life (and not act according to the same scenario), do not end sex after another partner’s orgasm.


2. Pain is not the norm

Some women believe that pain is part of the sexual experience and a common companion of vaginal sex. However, there is no place for pain in a healthy intimate life! If you feel uncomfortable, be sure to visit a gynecologist and get checked for infections. There is psychological pain due to fear or for another reason. In any case, this needs to be sorted out.

3. A lot of things are allowed in sex.

Looking for the norm in sexual interests, fantasies and games is a meaningless exercise. There is a small list of taboos, that is, inclinations that are not welcomed by society, and everything else is permissible. So feel free to experiment and get new sensations!

4. Communicate

Communication between partners does not have to be verbal, but you must be able to convey your wishes to each other. It’s easier for some couples to communicate, for others it’s more difficult, but you don’t need to be afraid to talk aloud about sex. It is through communication that intimate life can become better.


5. Sex with penetration is optional

Casual sex is just a small part of a couple’s intimate experience, and it doesn’t have to happen every time they have sex. It’s best to combine different techniques that both of you enjoy, and don’t worry if sex doesn’t always become sex in the usual sense.

6. There is no concept of “good in bed”

It is difficult to be an ace in something that depends on the efforts of two people, their connection, experience, knowledge and trust. Really great sex is a combination of acceptance of your body, pride in your sexuality, freedom in fantasies and the ability to convey to your partner what you really want.

7. Sometimes you can get distracted

Focusing on the current moment during sex is great, and such sessions most often turn into a pleasant sexual experience. However, sometimes people get distracted thinking about how they look when their partner has an orgasm, etc. And that’s okay too! Over time, you will probably get tired of putting extraneous thoughts into your head, and when you notice how much more pleasant the process has become, you will think about everything else at another time.