1. Deep penetration

Yes, yes, although, it would seem, where is the vagina and where is the stomach. Strong deep movements affect the work of the vagus nerve and cause a kind of protective reaction from the inside, which is why nausea occurs.


What to do: This reaction passes rather quickly, but it is best to lie down, raise your legs higher and breathe deeply so that the symptoms subside. If history repeats itself, talk to your partner about having sex in other positions.

2. Energy

If sex was well, very active, malaise may arise precisely because of this. For example, you actively moved back and forth and up and down.

What to do: Have sex more slowly and monitor the reaction of the body.

3. Orgasm

It can cause nausea, but this is absolutely no reason to refuse it!

What to do: Take a mild pain reliever before sex.

4. Cyst

One of the major causes of nausea. If you have an ovarian cyst or ibroid growth, it can interfere with enjoyment.


What to do: See a doctor.

5. Emotions

If you are in an unhealthy relationship (for example, with an abuser), the body may react to intimacy in this way. Or “remember” something unpleasant in the past.

What to do: talk to a specialist, work through the injury, part with the tyrant.

6. Alcohol and drugs

Can cause nausea even without sex.

What to do: do not drink or take anything before sex and see how you feel afterwards.

7. Sperm

Can cause nausea, even if you were pleased.

What to do: Discuss this with a partner and avoid swallowing.