Choose a place

If you are not going anywhere, then create a festive atmosphere in your apartment. You can change the standard location – the bedroom – to a place where you have sex less often: the bathroom (if it is spacious enough, of course) or the kitchen …
You can book a house somewhere outside the city, where after the chiming clock you will have sex right on someone’s skin in front of a fireplace. What matters is not what place you choose, but how you arrange it. Even if you never celebrate the New Year and are not big fans of the Christmas tree with toys, nothing will stop you from putting a few coniferous branches in a vase and hanging glass balls on them.


garland light

The flashing light of a garland is associated with a holiday for many. But it still favorably velvets the skin and hides any imperfections. Not so bright as to cut the eye, but not dull either – you don’t have to look for each other by touch. As a source of lighting for the New Year, a garland is ideal.


Why not? If you are not against musical accompaniment for your sex, make a list of tracks or connect ready-made ones in Google Music, iTunes or Yandex.Music. Everything is in your ears: choose joyful New Year’s melodies or background ambient.

Gift “with a spark”

So that your intentions for this evening become completely transparent and do not allow additional interpretations, give him something from the sex shop. If your boyfriend is modest and not used to such presents, give him lubricants with different flavors or packages of unusual condoms. If you both like to experiment, find something that will please both: a toy for couples, a strapon, or a BDSM set.


You are like a gift

If at the last moment a dog ate a gift for him (we hope everything is fine with the dog) or you just forgot that today is already December 31, make a gift from yourself. All you need is a little naughty fantasy, a couple of bows, and maybe some wrapping paper.

Dress up as a Snow Maiden

Choose your New Year’s sex image: Snow Maiden, Snow Queen… It is not necessary to focus on cold characters with their lacy snow-white lingerie. The classic American combination of green, red and white looks much more appetizing and flirtatious. Short skirt, soft stockings – and he’s all yours. To remind you that today is a holiday, put on a red hat with a white pompom.