Talking to your parents about sex is rarely funny, especially when it comes to losing your virginity. Here are some memories of the strangest conversations – you probably had something similar!

“I forgot how to breathe because of laughter!”: 6 stories about talking with parents about sex

  1. “When my boyfriend and I first had sex, my mother came into the room. I must say, we met for a long time and both were 18 years old. She was not shocked, she just apologized and said that she would put on headphones. And then she wrote to the family chat (where they were in including my older sisters) that I lost my virginity, and accompanied this emoji in the form of balloons. Why would you do that?!” – Evgenia, 21 years old.
  2. “I would like to forget that my mother described sex as a smorgasbord, where I should not rush to eat the main course (lose my virginity), but should first enjoy the appetizers (foreplay). Actually, this is good advice, but not from my mother, ” Anna, 23 years old.
  3. “I had sex at prom. Dad picked me up in the morning and I had to confess. Yes, we talked about sex, but he was very surprised. He blushed and began to sway without saying anything. He just looked ahead and drove in complete silence. We never discussed it,” Katerina, 25 years old.
  4. “In high school, a friend came to visit me, we talked about sex. The next morning, my mother came into the room with a pack of condoms and lubricant. She was definitely eavesdropping!” — Marina, 28 years old.
  5. “My father asked me to wait for a special occasion. I started dating a guy at 17. Dad told me not to do what I didn’t want, and then he started talking about his first sex. Hardly anyone wants to know about it! I asked him to stop ”, — Kira, 27 years old.
  6. “I confessed to my dad that I love girls. He reacted calmly to this, and then sent a letter stating that if so, then I was not in danger of pregnancy. A presentation on the rules for washing sex toys was attached to the letter. I laughed so hard that I forgot how to breathe! — Alla, 25 years old.

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