1. Office romance

Role-playing games are often combined with overcoming inhibitions. For example, you dreamed about sex in the workplace, but for objective reasons this is impossible. Play boss and subordinate, changing roles! It is enough to put a glass of pencils on the table and put a couple of leaves, so that later, in the heat of passion, casually brush them to the floor.

2. Aristocracy

If you both love royalties series, this is a great option! You can make a mantle from a piece of velvet or just dress nicely and throw yourself into the arms of a commoner.

3. Massage

Massage is always nice. If you play the role of a masseuse, focus on the intimate parts of his body and turn it into foreplay. And then it will smoothly move into the main program …

4. Alien

He came here from another planet and knows nothing about sex. This is your chance to teach him everything! Start with the simplest and slowly continue learning.

5. Stranger

Imagine that you just met and know literally nothing about each other. You can even come up with new names! Live out the fantasy of having a one night stand with a stranger.

6. First sex

A very interesting experience! Try to forget about everything you know about sex, and surrender to feelings with all your might. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s even more fun that way.