The most simple, gentle and shallow (in the good sense of the word) position in which you can have sex, and immediately after an orgasm – doze off, hugging under the covers.

You sit, he sits, almost like at work, only the boss will not come with the team to prepare a report by tomorrow morning (if only in your fantasies). It will take more tension from you as the top here, make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground. If you sit in this way with only your toes touching the floor, you may experience cramps. (I wrote this and felt how old I am).

Another “Spoons”, but face to face (well, if the spoons had faces). In sex with a man, throw one leg over his thigh and help him enter you. You need to move slowly and measuredly, not remembering that there is still a whole working week ahead.

The good thing about this position is that the sex in it will quickly end… with your crushing orgasm! (Why crushing… Too much Game of Thrones in my life). To make things go even faster, take a vibrator or a vibrating egg and attach it to the clitoris.

The position of the rider, as you know, is not the most relaxed of the entire arsenal, but if you lean back and lean on your hands, it’s a completely different matter. And the back is comfortable, and the rest of the places are pleasant and relaxed. Close your eyes and think of the sea!

Good old, never outdated pose. Can’t sleep but don’t want to wake your partner up? Here’s a great recipe for a healthy sound sleep. Do not thank!