1. Are you healthy?

Few people carry a doctor’s note with them, but the spread of genital infections worries many. Therefore, a prudent man probably passed tests not so long ago and did not choose dubious women as partners. If he is not sure, you can discuss a plan for further action.


2. Are you married?

This question is more important than it seems! Even if you meet just out of boredom, the mood and condition of the partner should not be a secret. No one knows what situation you will be in tomorrow. Of course, you should not assume that if he started dating you, then he is definitely not married. To a direct question, by the way, men usually answer honestly.

3. Do you like your job?

And other questions about what he does. You don’t need to ask him everything at once, but 3-4 questions on one topic are quite appropriate. If he starts to get confused in the testimony, this is an occasion to think about what else he can lie about.

4. Great car, are you happy with it?

Trick question! If he responds to every compliment with a 10-minute ode to his beloved, consider that you have captured the very essence of his selfish nature. So, there is nothing to catch here.


5. Are you friends with your ex?

What he talks about past relationships can reveal a lot of interesting things. If he speaks respectfully of the former, it characterizes him well.

6. Are you sure the beard suits you?

The question doesn’t have to be like this. The point is to carefully make a remark about some trait of his character or appearance, and look for a reaction. This way you can quickly assess how prone he is to getting angry and arguing with you. If inclined, it is better not to meet with him.