Sex on Valentine’s Day may not be different from the usual. But if you want to add variety to your intimate life, there are some great ideas.

1. Role playing

Meet at a bar you’ve never been to before. Imagine that you do not know each other, tell each other about yourself … If everything went well, you can continue at the nearest hotel or at home.


2. Create a playlist

Surely you have favorite songs, romantic and frank. They will be a nice addition to sex.

3. Dessert in bed

Who said that ice cream and even cake should be eaten at the table? In bed too! Sweets can even be made part of the role-playing game.

4. Sex before dinner

As a rule, festive feasts are accompanied by long gatherings and a river of alcohol, after which you don’t want anything. Hack the system – have sex before celebrating!

5. Buy each other a toy

No, not a teddy bear, but a sex toy with which you can have a good time.

6. Don’t go anywhere

It is not at all necessary to celebrate the holiday to the fullest. You can spend the whole day in bed and not rush anywhere!