Survival in the wild

Stories from women’s forums about conceiving a child in the bathroom or from the toilet seat are horror stories where there is no place for truth. A spermatozoon can live inside a woman for a long time, with honor and dignity, waiting for ovulation. But outside the female body, he lives exclusively in the seminal fluid, where all conditions are created for small tadpoles. When exposed to heat, cold, pH changes, drought and water, not to mention hot tap water, sperm cells die quickly. So don’t worry about taking a bath where you think there might be sperm. Although, to be honest, it’s worth considering why you ended up in such a bathroom.


Male fertility is not a myth

Yes, men also have the concept of fertility – the ability to produce healthy offspring. And it is influenced by many factors: lifestyle, nutrition, activity, bad habits, lack of vitamins, diseases and even temperature. If you were taught from childhood to put on woolen knickers with fleece so as not to freeze your intimate places, then “overheating” men is a very, very bad idea that can reduce the quality of male sperm.

No, swallowing cum is not part of a healthy diet

Of course, sperm contains protein, fructose and other components that are beneficial to humans. For example, vitamins C and B12. But the average amount of sperm produced at a time is one teaspoon. Therefore, we very much doubt that in the future we will see the appearance of sperm-based protein shakes – after all, not the same volumes.


Eating pineapple will not affect the taste of semen in any way

We do not know where this information about the special effect of pineapple on the taste of semen came from. There is no serious scientific evidence that fruits and vegetables can fundamentally change the taste of semen and your attitude to swallowing. Yes, a healthy diet and a lack of bad habits can prevent the appearance of a strange aftertaste that you obviously do not appreciate. But it is impossible to change what is given by nature.

If you’re trying to conceive, sex doesn’t have to be daily.

Some couples, having decided to conceive a baby, take the call to constantly have sex too close to their hearts. The volume of ejaculate must accumulate before it breaks out. And with constant volcanic eruptions, the volume and, very importantly, the quality of sperm suffer greatly.