Sex for the sake of conception can be planned, stressful, nervous … But very rarely – inspiring, romantic or bringing together. There is nothing erotic about taking your basal temperature before undressing. However, you can bring it back to sharpness!

1. Hug and kiss more

Intimate communication is not only sex with penetration. Kisses, hugs, a light shoulder massage, gentle touches – all this brings you closer to your partner and can cause arousal. The more often you give each other signs of attention, the more you have a desire to have sex.


2. Bring back the fun

New poses. Sex toys. Role-playing games. Everything that can diversify your sex life is at your disposal. Just don’t settle for something you don’t like: that will only add to the stress.

3. More oral sex

Reduce the external pressure of trying to conceive by having sex that does not produce children.

4. Take breaks

Set aside at least one day a week when you don’t discuss fertility, ovulation, sperm counts, and other things related to pregnancy. Your life consists of more than just this!

5. Don’t be influenced

The inability to conceive a child can greatly affect the self-esteem of both partners and gradually turn into an awareness of their own failure. Remember more often how you love your body – and what you especially like about it. Then the connection between you will not be broken.