1. Speak!

Sexologists unanimously argue that communication in oral sex is just as important as in other types of pleasure. As you unbutton his jeans, ask him what he would like. Slow or fast, with or without language, what fantasies stir his brain? And then you can continue.

2. Start slow

Put some lube on your thumb and forefinger and wrap them around the base of his penis as if you were encircling it. With your tongue, carefully draw a line from the base to the head and back. The fingers should follow the movement of the tongue, then he will feel the whole range of pleasant sensations.

3. Find your rhythm

Grab the head of the penis with your lips, but in no case do not touch it with your teeth! Then move to the base (if you can’t, don’t try to put the whole penis in your mouth) and choose the speed of movement that is comfortable for you.

4. Work with your hands

With your free hand, gently touch his scrotum, massage it, press it against his body … If everything is done without too much pressure and pain, he will definitely like it.

5. Remember to protect

Some infections are also transmitted orally! Therefore, let him put on a condom (you can choose the most pleasant one), unless you are one hundred percent sure that he is healthy.