Studies have shown that oxytocin levels are highest at the beginning of a relationship and gradually decline over time. This is an evolutionary process: if a couple is emotionally and physically connected, they can do other things. Of course, this state of affairs does not suit everyone!

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

1. Talk about it

This is perhaps the most difficult step, especially if you have avoided this conversation for months and even years. But there comes a moment when the elephant in the room can no longer be ignored. You can start a dialogue in writing. Tell me that the connection between you has weakened and you don’t like it, you want to fix the situation.


2. Find the real problem

Yes, the lack of sex is a problem in itself, but the real reasons are usually deeper. Unresolved issues about children or money fuel emotional disagreements between partners. If it’s about sex, then the problem often lies in the man’s fear that he will not be able to express himself, and the woman – that she will remain sexually unsatisfied.

3. Physical contact is important

Often it disappears with sex, and over time it becomes unpleasant for you to even think about it. One begins to be afraid of rejection, the other is looking for reasons not to hug. Set a goal for yourself, like five hugs a day or watching a movie on the couch while holding hands.

4. Take your time

If the previous actions have become easy, do not jump abruptly to sex, this can return the situation to the initial stage. Do not overestimate and act gradually, then everything will work out.

5. Consult a specialist

If both of you were properly configured, but still something went wrong, the best way out is to communicate with a sexologist. It will help to understand the true reasons and reconfigure your relationship in an intimate way.