1. “Swallow”

Have him sit on the edge of the sofa. Turn your back to him, put your hands on the floor and “hug” your legs around his waist. Sex at an unusual angle is always pleasant! If it’s not very convenient for you, you can put your hands on a coffee table or ottoman.

2. “Couch Journey”

Stand facing the sofa, bend your knees, lean on the back. He stands behind. If you want to control speed and depth, move back and forth yourself, and let him take the vibrator with his free hand and give you extra pleasure.

3. “Sex season”

Get on all fours, one knee slightly in front, the other behind, and let him stand on the floor and put one knee on the sofa. In this pose, a mixture of doggy style and scissors, you will be able to rotate your upper body and look at your partner whenever you want.

For lazy sex on the weekend, this position is suitable: he sits on the couch, leaning back, you sit on top with your back to him and do the main work. And at this time he can touch you in different places or give you additional pleasure with a vibrator.

5. “Spoiler”

Sit on the sofa facing each other, leaning back on the armrests. Caress each other with your toes, and for more joy, take a couple of sex toys on the remote control and control them, keeping the intrigue for each other.