1. Sex in a public place

This fantasy occurs in about one in four. It attracts with the danger of being caught or at least noticed. In order not to risk, remember some rules:

Such fantasies occur in every fifth. They are not easy to pull off, especially if the subject lives in Hollywood or is happily married. You’ll have to make do with what you have: buy a new toy, spend some time alone, and dream big.

3. Sex with the danger of being seen

Attracts every fifth. You can start with the camera on your phone and shoot yourself, and then peep. Or look after each other, and if both of you do not mind expanding the composition of the participants, add someone else.

4. Group sex

Partly related to the previous point. If this is not feasible in reality, you can assign the role of the third to a sex toy with a remote control.

5. Role play

Approximately one in seven dreams of this, but this is the fantasy that is embodied, perhaps, most often. It is not so difficult to imagine yourself as someone else, and if you enter the role … Of course, do not forget that sex should be pleasant, and not a test for the second participant.