We never understood why this pose is called that, because neither a shark nor a fin was found in it. Practicing oral sex under water is an exercise for risky ones, but you can try it in a light drowning. Works if you have space to lie on your back on the edge of the tub.

Bathroom + vaginal sex = “You won’t get through!” Weird joke, I agree. In general, you can try manual caresses. Sit him on the edge of the bathtub (we spell, let him just not turn his back around!) and give him the best masturbation in his life.

Almost like guinea pigs. Well, this position is not in the bathroom itself, but nearby, on a towel in the “doggie” position. Nothing fancy. The main difficulty here is not to erase the kneecaps to the meat.

And this position is more comfortable for the shower, not for the bath, although it will do for her if you can fix the watering can higher. Do not forget to put a non-slip mat under your feet so that passionate hugs do not end with an ambulance call.

Okay, not very deep, in the sense that you don’t have to take a full bath to try this position. On the contrary, the smaller the better.