1. Basic concepts

An open relationship is one where people have an intimate experience with someone other than their primary partner. There are many options: they can be long and short, only sexual or with an admixture of feelings. In the general case, this is a non-monogamous union by the voluntary consent of the partners.


2. And how does it work?

People offer to open relationships to satisfy some of their needs. For example, in the main relationship, there is not enough sex or the desire to have it. For those who practice such relationships, over time it becomes something akin to sexual orientation.

Some lack emotional intensity. They are looking for love and deep affection on the side. Swingers, on the other hand, have strict rules about sex on the side and are monogamous most of the time.

The rules of the game are different. For example, you can not bring partners home, leave for the weekend or fall in love.

3. Is this generally normal?

Relationship professionals tend to think that open relationships are only as healthy as can be said of those involved. Some of the options are beautiful, life-affirming and can be a role model. Others contain elements of violence and are simply dangerous. In a word, everything is like in a normal novel.


4. How to prepare for such a relationship?

First, you should think about how your life will look like in the future. Don’t think it’s just for the sexual variety. Someone agrees because they want to have more partners, and then they are faced with the fact that their own wife (or husband) is also sleeping with someone else!

If you have a good relationship, an open marriage will add surprise and joy. But if you were already ready to disperse, the process will probably speed up.

5. How to talk about it?

The best place to start is that you have read an article about it and want to discuss it. Ask him if he has heard of this option, what he thinks and whether he wants to test the waters. Think about how to deal with jealousy and where to look for good partners. If there are no more questions, you can try!