Intimate correspondence is pleasant in all respects. It improves sexual connection, makes you closer and helps you express yourself not only in words, but also in bed. But if you start texting early or choose the wrong tone, you can ruin everything. Here are some important rules for such correspondence.

1. First meeting in reality

Given the growing popularity of dating sites and apps, the temptation to start writing intimate things can be great. But experts advise not to rush. If you communicate well in writing, but there was no spark between you in life, everything will go down the drain.


2. Use messages as a prelude

Sex messages help tune in to nightly pleasures. You can please each other all day, and then meet – and continue. For example, you can offer a role-play option or choose a sex toy.

3. Be loose

Studies have shown that couples who go above and beyond in intimate texting are more satisfied with their relationship than those who are modest.

4. Write, don’t speak in pictures

This is especially important at different stages of a relationship. Many women are offended when they receive a “naked” photo of a man without asking. The opposite situation is not so likely, but it is still possible to worsen relations in this way.

5. Don’t keep the most revealing

Even if you really want to. Fall into the wrong hands – it will be a shame. For example, correspondence with the former may catch the eye of the current partner, and he is unlikely to be satisfied.