A rich image: it can be a terrible predator in the spirit of Pannochka and an uninhibited beauty from Charmed, or even the mistress of a house made of nougat and caramel, who lured a naive traveler into her net.


What to do with it – decide for yourself. In the image of a witch, it is good to be imperious, to feel like the mistress of the situation.

Pose: “Rider” in its various interpretations or any position in which it is convenient for you to enjoy oral sex.

The good thing about being a witch is that you can wear literally any outfit, from a white shirt to leather and latex. Depends on which image you chose. To make your charms work better (and longer), connect an erectile ring to the game.



The image of the seductive vampire Lestat still excites the minds of women around the world. Or the graceful and eternally youthful Edward in his college uniform. Or the creepy but charming Dracula. In general, choose a bloodsucker according to your mood. By the way, our test can help you with this.

Falling under its deadly charm, you can play the innocent victim, captured by the creature of the night. Or you have to convince him that you are ready to enter hand in hand with him into eternal life. There are many advantages to playing with a vampire, such as gentle nibbles, with which he will shower you literally from head to toe.

Pose: those where he dominates, for example, the good old “missionary” with variations, so as not to get bored, will do.

sleeping Beauty

It will be a very simple and pleasant game for you – play one of the fairy princesses who fell asleep in a deep sleep. And set a condition for your partner: to wake you up, he will have to try.


From time to time, each partner wants to be completely passive and relaxed. The game, by the way, is easily “turned over” – at will, your partner can also be the Sleeping Beauty.

Posture: on the back; use manual and oral caresses, stroking and gentle massage movements. The main “challenge” is actually not falling asleep.


Everything is simple and still pleasant! “What do you want, my lady? I listen and obey.” Just as much as you want, don’t want him to wash all the dirty dishes in the sink or load the laundry into the wash. Wish for something exotic: for him to eat a grape from your navel, give you a foot massage, or fill you with a fragrant bath, and then thoroughly wash you from head to toe.

This is a game with a much less menacing atmosphere than a witch or a vampire. Add, if desired, the atmosphere of the East: incense, massage oils and rhythmic Arabic motifs.

red Riding Hood

Who was walking through the forest to her grandmother, and then a gray wolf jumped out of the bushes at her. Anthropomorphic, if anything, and very sexy. A game in the spirit of “animal passion” – quick sex, simulated fear and a lot of laughter and jokes. Because there is a story about Little Red Riding Hood on almost every adult site.

Posture: what is there to think – “doggy style”, of course!