1. Close your eyes

Even if he hates surprises, he will definitely like this one! Let him sit in a chair. Blindfold him, take off things one by one – and let him determine with his hands and lips which part of your body has opened. When you’re completely undressed, sit on his lap and take control of the pleasure.

2. Pleasure Factory

If your partner was very busy at work before his birthday, give him a relaxing massage. Let him lie on his back, put a pillow under his stomach. Take massage oil, warm wax and give him a massage he won’t forget for a long time. You can complete the process (or continue!) with manual caresses.

3. Picture show

Promise him a whole day of foreplay! Send a link to the lingerie you’ll wear or the sex toy you’ve prepared. Show a picture of your breasts or send a candid video before you arrive so he can’t help but show up at the door.

4. Solemn spoons

Sometimes you don’t need to make things complicated to have a great celebration! Get into a spooning position in which it is comfortable for him to reach your clit with his hand or vibrator. If you decide to try something new (like anal sex), this position is great too! In addition, it is very gentle and warming, which is always nice.