1. Maya, 26

“Favorite position: We are both standing face to face. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist. He holds my buttocks and enters me, thrusting up and down passionately.


What is its advantage: like all women, I sometimes like a man to dominate me. In this case, the partner completely controls me. I don’t have to do anything but hold him tightly and feel weightless as he moves me as he pleases. Orgasm is not long in coming.

For even more fun, try using a lot of lube. But first, practice properly without it, so as not to get hurt!”

2. Bonnie, 28

“Favorite position: I lie on my back with my legs thrown over the shoulders of a man. He leans forward and enters me, lowering himself down and resting his chest on my hips. It turns out very close contact and a lot of passionate moans.

What is its advantage: this position allows you to penetrate deeper, perhaps than any other. And this provides me with more intense and powerful orgasms.


For even more fun, you can use strawberries, whipped cream and champagne for an incredible foreplay. For example, we do not touch each other until we have eaten all the strawberries. You are only allowed to look at each other, but the way he does it drives me crazy. Therefore, literally right there, as soon as the last strawberry goes into my mouth, the last piece of clothing disappears from me!

3. Leila, 27

“Favorite position: I lie on my back. The man sits on top and does whatever it takes. Yes, this is a missionary position, but excuse me, since when did this suddenly become a disadvantage ?!

What is its advantage: I just love to look into the eyes of a guy while we have sex. And I’m not lying motionless at all: I love to hug him tightly with my legs and move towards him so that he penetrates me as deeply as possible. I feel every inch of his penis so I never get tired of this position. But the partner must keep in mind that if at the same time he does not kiss my neck and lips, then he is wasting my time!



For even more fun, try it outside. For example, a long time ago I had sex in this position on the roof of my house. These memories still haunt me!

4. Samantha, 29

“Favorite position: me and my man are kneeling on the floor by the bed, he turns me towards him and enters me from behind. I spread my legs a little wider for better balance, and he holds onto my hips, frantically moving me back and forth as I clutched at the blanket on the bed with my hands.

What is its advantage: this position makes me feel like the sexiest woman in the world. He makes me arch my back, and I get incredible pleasure. And this position has an infinite number of variations. For example, recently during sex, he took my hair and wrapped it tightly around his hand. It turned me on so much that I finished in a few seconds!

For even more fun, I like to wear silk stockings and high heels. I look amazing in them!”