Do not waste time, because you can have sex perfectly without the usual bed!

1. On the plane

Find the right moment and go to the toilet. Turn your back to him without spreading your legs, and let him enter you from behind. Lean forward a little to get G-spot stimulation, and have him caress your chest with his hand or hug your waist to maintain a steady balance. And if his hand goes down to your clitoris, you yourself will fly away to seventh heaven!

2. On a yacht

Lie on your back and raise your legs vertically up, and let him enter you while standing. After that, cross your legs, still keeping them straight, which will make him feel like he is in your really tight embrace. The movement of his body, coupled with the rocking boat, will take you on the waves of orgasm!

3. On the train

Snuggle up under the covers and start promising stroking of the erogenous zones right through the clothes. This prelude will warm you up, so that later you will merge in ecstasy to the rhythm of the rhythmically tapping wheels of the car!

4. In the car

Stop and throw all rubbish out of the cabin. Let him recline the back of the driver’s seat to the most horizontal position, and you sit on top of him. In this position, you will get excellent clitoral stimulation, which guarantees you an orgasm. Now you can continue your journey!