Despite the constant reminders of sunscreen, you burned out. This, of course, is very unpleasant, and what about sex on vacation now? Easily! These poses will help you get pleasure with minimal discomfort on the skin.

Burns are not a hindrance to sex: 4 comfortable positions if you burned out on the beach

Shutterstock, Lucy Macaroni

1. If your thighs are burned…


…doggy-style variation will do. Apply an emollient cream with aloe to the damaged areas and get on all fours. Have your partner stand in the back and lean on the bed, not on your itchy skin. And if he also takes a vibrator, you will quickly forget about the troubles!

2. If your back is burned …

…then doggy and missionary are definitely not for you. Sit on the edge of the tabletop, let the partner stand in front of you and hold strictly by the hips. You can hug his neck (if, of course, everything is in order with her).


3. If your legs are burned …


…means it’s time to start oral sex. Sit on the very edge of a chair, put your feet in a comfortable position and relax. Of course, this is not the most contact position, but still nice.

4. If literally everything burned down …


…the problem still has a solution! Let him sit in a chair, you on his knees with your back – and lean your hands on the armrests of the chair. Get up and with minimal contact, you can still have sex. Alternatively, if any touch causes only pain, you can lie on opposite sides of the bed and have a self-satisfaction session in each other’s company.