1. We moved in together

“My first one-night stand turned into a relationship that lasted three years. We met on the Internet, his parents lived in my city, and he came to visit them. Oh he was perfect! I thought that we would meet only once – I was not ready for a relationship at a distance.


The next morning he called me for breakfast. Then he noticed that I was defrosting meat for dinner, and asked for a visit. He came for a week, and we spent all the days together. He invited me to dinner with his parents and it was nice.

Then he called me every day. A month later, he asked if I wanted to become his permanent girlfriend. I agreed, and together we moved to a city where we had never been before. We broke up three years later, but I still remember this relationship with a smile. Katerina, 30 years old.

2. Six months later, we told everyone

“A year and a half ago, I decided on an adventure. He was the cutest guy on the course, but I was afraid to offer him something. One day I was invited to a party and he was there. I decided that there was nothing to lose, and we slept that same night.


I thought this would all end, but we decided to be friends and have sex at the same time. A couple of months later, we realized that we had strong feelings for each other, opened up to everyone – and soon got married. Hope, 25 years old.

3. Everything happened by chance

“I always joked that no one would make me fall in love with him. We met in a bar, I called myself by a false name, we had a good night and parted. A couple of weeks later, we accidentally met on the street: I heard how they called me by that very name. We started talking, and then he saw that a completely different name was written on my glass of coffee!

I blushed deeply and admitted that I had lied. He laughed, and I realized that we could very well meet! A year has passed since then, and we are still good together. Alla, 28 years old.