The breakthrough of the last few years is high-quality, thorough non-fiction investigations from individual sexologists and psychotherapists. Books tend to be translated, but body language is international. Book service ReadRate selected three recent studies to better understand the sexual needs of yourself and your partner.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

“Reproduction in captivity. How to reconcile eroticism and everyday life.

The New York Times Magazine calls psychotherapist Esther Perel “the ultimate sex goddess.” And all because she does not deny the obvious things. Yes, after years of long-term relationships, I want anyone, but not a husband. She dreams of rough sex with a colleague, a neighbor, a business partner, and that black-eyed guy she met at a party. I want to! I want butterflies in my stomach, walks on the moon and messages with flirting of varying severity. There is absolutely no way without this, because endorphins, and with a lack of them in the body, jokes are bad. What to do now? Change? Or forget? Neither, argues Esther Perel in the bestseller Captive Breeding. How to reconcile eroticism and everyday life. She has a lot of good advice, but two of the main ones are that there is no place for democracy in the bedroom, and there should always be personal space in life.

“Vagina. A New History of Female Sexuality.

Women are categorically contraindicated in bad sex. Avid feminist Naomi Wolf knows what she’s talking about. She conducted a powerful study, got to the bottom of it and scientifically proved that only regular orgasms allow a woman to make a career and live a full creative life. Orgasm activates the pelvic nervous network, and also intensively involves the autonomic nervous system: this is how the peak of the brain is reached. More fun, more inspiration. So let men know that the smarter a woman is, the sexier she is. And we will draw a couple of dozen more necessary facts from the study “Vagina. A New History of Female Sexuality.

“Men and sex. Unexpected truth.”

And yet it is interesting what men will say on this issue. Therefore, urologist Abraham Morgenthaler wormed his way into the ranks of women researchers with the book “Men and Sex. Unexpected truth.” Well, well, and what unexpected did we not know about them? Morgenthaler asks women to take care of the fragile psyche of their loved ones, because problems with potency are directly related to what is happening in the head. How, he tells in great detail and with examples. It is worth listening, after all, good sex directly depends on male capabilities.