Contrary to popular belief, sex is not only pleasure. What remains behind the scenes and why, apart from pleasure, this process can bring awkwardness and shame? To find out, we asked our readers.

15 negative opinions about sex


  1. “Sometimes there are some pretty strange noises in the missionary position… But it actually comes from the sliding touch of your stomachs.” – Bob
  2. “If he doesn’t use a condom and cums inside you, then the cum will leak out for hours.” – Gina
  3. “Sometimes when he’s on top, I think he looks completely ugly from that angle. I like how a man looks when I’m on top. But then I wonder what he thinks of me at that moment. Is it really that I am ugly from this angle ?! Celine
  4. “Orgasms don’t always happen. And it’s terrible. Sometimes a girl can’t get an orgasm just through penetration. And sometimes a man may simply not feel it, so he does not get to the point of climax at all. One way or another, but sex is sometimes uncomfortable, funny or even annoying process. Sometimes you don’t succeed, and sometimes you both get mind-blowing orgasms without even trying very hard. Basically, just relax and have fun.” – Jim
  5. “If you have sex in bed, after the process is completed, instead of a restful sleep, you have to cope with laziness and change bed linen. Well, one way or another, you’ll have to sleep in a puddle of your own sweat… and more. And if you’re having sex out of bed and the sheets stay dry, you still have to drag yourself into the shower before you go to bed.
  6. “It is only in well-edited films that sex looks so romantic and beautiful. In fact, this process is full of unexpected things, and not always pleasant. He will always get an orgasm, but you are not a fact. bed or wall, as well as drooling, penis slipping out of the vagina, and much more” – Sheila
  7. “When you’re done having sex, you then have to put back on your panties, which got soaked through with arousal during foreplay… Brrr…” – Rita
  8. “For some reason, the most attractive men have never been good in bed. They always act like they’re doing me a favor by having sex with me. The coolest men are those who have had a serious relationship and a permanent partner. Here they really try in bed and make sure you enjoy it.” — Helen
  9. “Masturbation requires a lot less effort, plus you don’t have to worry about pleasing the other person. Perfect for the lazy.” — Todd
  10. “The first time is never what you expected” – Ron
  11. “If you are worried and worried about the upcoming sex because you don’t want to screw it up in front of a woman, then you will inevitably be nervous, and as a result, you will not succeed. What the hell is this vicious circle?!” — John
  12. “If you are going to have anal sex, first take good care of your hygiene. Even if he’s using a condom.” – Catherine
  13. “Getting an orgasm at the same time is almost impossible. This means that in inexperienced couples, the second partner always remains sexually unsatisfied after the first cums. Not fair” – Jim
  14. “He can sweat so much from exertion that his sweat will drip right onto you. It’s disgusting and not at all sexy.” — Lisa
  15. “Uuu… that could lead to babies.” – Mike