The idea of ​​pleasuring oneself in front of a partner does not appeal to everyone. You may feel awkward and even stupid. But there is nothing to be ashamed of: such moments only bring you closer and strengthen the emotional connection. In addition, this is a great way to show what caresses you like. Here’s what those who have tried it have to say about it.


  1. “My partner and I tried it several times. I really enjoyed showing it myself and looking at it! He said that at first he felt strange, but then he got used to it, and now it turns him on,” Olga, 25 years old.
  2. “Joint masturbation is one of the best intimate experiences that doesn’t feel like sex!” – Lydia, 27 years old.
  3. “It seems to me that this is a free inspiring thing. I like it when he looks, and he likes to look,” Julia, 29 years old.
  4. “My wife sometimes asks me to do this in her presence. She likes to watch the “show” – Vadim, 24 years old.
  5. “We do it from time to time, it’s very pleasant and very exciting. It never looked strange, but, of course, you first need to get used to it and feel that everything is right,” Natalya, 27 years old.
  6. “If both of you are calm about such an idea, you will definitely like it! I think every couple should try it. People don’t understand how much they are missing out,” Nastya, 23 years old.
  7. “My girlfriend and I did BDSM, she demanded that I get on my knees and do it. I obeyed, I even liked it,” Vadim, 30 years old.
  8. “At first it was very awkward, then we got a taste of it. Openness inspires! This is an easy way to sexual pleasure, if you don’t have the strength for regular sex. So we do this quite often and sometimes we lend a helping hand to each other,” Maxim, 30 years old .
  9. “An incredible level of attraction, a wonderful way to spend time and enjoy” – Alla, 26 years old.
  10. “She’s shy every time at first, but I’m even pleased to look at it,” Oleg, 28 years old.
  11. “Sometimes my wife lies as if falling asleep, and then she starts to caress herself. It’s so exciting! It looks like a personal porn movie,” Igor, 25 years old.
  12. “We often do this, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Then we discuss our fantasies,” Alice, 23 years old.
  13. “It’s great, sexy, nice – and a guaranteed orgasm” – Nina, 28 years old.