1. Find a comfortable position

The angle at which your bodies are located in relation to each other affects the variety of sensations. If you are the mistress of the situation, then sit on his knees, wrap your legs around him and cover him with kisses. Do you want him to lead the process? Stand up so that he towers over you (of course, if he is taller).


Hot kisses in a horizontal position, when you lie “spoons”, and you turn around to him, resting your buttocks on his pelvic bones.

2. Listening to our breath…

There is something incredibly sensual about feeling the breath of a loved one on your lips. Lightly touch his lips with yours, letting his exit tickle your skin.

3. Mix the movements

Switching between different kissing techniques can be very exciting, try it: slide your tongue back and forth between his lips, then touch the gum with the tip of your tongue. Wrap your tongue around his, then take his tongue into your mouth and suck as if it were a penis. Gently bite his bottom lip.

4. Feel the rhythm

For an incredibly soulful kiss, put your hand on a man’s heart and kiss in the rhythm of his heartbeat.


5. Our hands are not for boredom

During the kiss, the hands should also find creative uses for themselves. Sensually touch his fingers, as if caressing not a finger, but a completely different organ, passionately stroking his buttocks and inner thighs, run your fingers into his hair.

6. Contact? There is a contact!

In the meantime, turn him on with your body touches. Rub it with your pubis in the groin area. Try to ride him by unbuttoning a couple of buttons on his shirt and pressing your chest against his. Or stroke yourself in time with the kisses so that he can see how aroused you are.

7. Mitya went to the rally, Petya went to the petting…

Remember how it was in adolescence – and feel free to repeat. “Imitation of sexual intercourse in clothes” does not sound very exciting, but it feels like it! Let him spread your hips without taking off your jeans. Rub on him as if you were already undressed.


8. Whisper something exciting to him…

Say how much you want him and tell me what you’re going to do with him. Something along the lines of “I want to feel you impale me” practically guarantees that he will be on alert, but even a quiet moan is enough.


9. And look him straight in the eye.

We won’t discover America with this advice, but many couples do avoid eye contact during kissing and foreplay. Meanwhile, eye contact is very important and can instantly awaken feelings.

10. Kiss more than just lips.

Remember that his body is full of sensitive points. Kiss his collarbones, chest, earlobes…

11. Kissing on the brink

Tease him by going down and kissing the area below the belt: belly, thighs, even testicles and crotch – everything but the cock. Let him feel your breath getting closer to the cherished point, and the tension grows.


12. Trick your body: kiss your partner during orgasm and see what happens…

Every time you have an orgasm, try deep kissing your man. This trick works like this: the body gets used to connecting one with the other, and over time, a regular kiss will evoke in you the memory of the pleasure that you experienced when you reached the climax.

And finally:

13. Turn kissing into a meal in itself.

Many couples perceive kissing only as a prelude to sex. Meanwhile, this is a powerful, wonderful way of communication, communication between a couple. It happens like this: you do not have the energy for sex, and you avoid kissing, because in your mind they lead to something more. Meanwhile, no one bothers you to exchange a French kiss when you greet him when he returns from work, or kiss while sitting in front of the TV, or remember your youth on a walk in the park.