1. Is the amount of semen released the same?

No, but usually people don’t pay attention to it. Unless in the case when there is really a lot of ejaculate.


2. Are they trying to reach the penis with their mouth?

Some do succeed, but even so, such an exercise is more of a trick for close friends than an actual act of satisfaction.

3. How often do men do this?

Depends on the person and their libido. Someone does this regularly, out of habit, someone – from time to time, and someone never at all.

4. Do they discuss masturbation with friends?

As a rule, no. This is considered a personal matter, and generally not that interesting.

5. Is the sock often used?

Yes, yes, in the same sense. Statistics show that infrequently, but many substitute a hand or a paper towel.

6. Do they use the second hand?

Yes, for example, to massage the perineum or caresses from behind.


7. Do they self-satisfy in the shower while the girl is in the room?

It happens. As a rule, this does not interfere with intimate life.

8. Are sex toys used?

Few and infrequent.

9. Where is all this happening if they don’t want to be seen?

Usually in the bathroom. A rare man decides to satisfy himself, for example, in a car or garage.

10. Do they try to finish faster or take their time?

Everyone is different, depending on the mood and condition.

11. How many have sniffed or tasted semen?

It is believed that they sniffed for sure everything (often with the thought “How do girls tolerate it?”), And they tried almost everything. Anyone who denies both actions is most likely lying.

12. Is an erection necessary?

Yes. Maybe not the coolest possible, but nothing can be extracted from sluggish dignity.

13. Is the American Pie situation real?

Few people will admit this directly, but quite a few men have tried using pillows, pastries and other similar items. Most of the time this is a one time experience.