If your sex partner is just what the doctor ordered, this is the best vitamin in the world. You seem to soar above the ground, your body and heart rejoice. And if he is a “bitter pill”, it is better to spit it out as soon as possible, before she has done big troubles in your intimate life.

13 and a half signs it's time to kick him out of your bed

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  1. All pleasure is only for him and for him. Every time. When will he give you a magical night?
  2. You fantasize about anyone but him. It is normal that other men may seem attractive and make you have sexual fantasies. But at least sometimes, for a change, should your soulmate appear in these dreams?
  3. He nurtures your complexes about appearance. If he says things that make you insecure, sex with him can’t be half as good as if he complimented you.
  4. You can’t even think about confessing your secret desires to him. (or say that you, on the contrary, do not like it). You know he’s the type to laugh or just spit on your needs.
  5. During foreplay, you only dream that it will finally stop. But you have repeatedly hinted to him how pleased you are, and how not.
  6. I have to get up an hour before he wakes up to clean himself up.. And not because you are a maniac obsessed with your appearance, but because you have already heard enough morning “compliments” from him.
  7. You are in an open relationship, but one of you wants more. If both of you are satisfied with everything, it’s up to you. But if one loves and suffers, then do not expect good from such a relationship.
  8. After all, you feel awkward or unhappy. Euphoria, pleasure, relaxation, tenderness, perhaps pleasant fatigue – these are normal female sensations after sex. Sadness, awkwardness, guilt, longing? Something went wrong with you.
  9. Your partner is one more scoundrel. As magical as sex is, if your partner treats you badly, it’s not worth it. There are many guys in the world who are good in bed and at the same time do not behave like bastards.

    a) You ask him to use a condom and he refuses. This is one example of point 9.

  10. You recoil every time he touches you. In general, many people have such points – if you touch them, it becomes ticklish or unpleasant. But if you are shaking, wherever and whenever he touches you, it seems that your body wants to tell you something.
  11. You have boring sex. “Bored” is the most unsexual description of what can happen in bed between a man and a woman, right?
  12. He doesn’t respect you. It doesn’t matter if you are a spouse or have a one-night stand, mutual respect with the one you sleep with should always be present.
  13. You don’t want him, you don’t love him, you don’t respect him. Well, yes, this point would suffice. A quality partnership is built on the emotional, intellectual and physical levels. If at least one of them fails, then what is there to talk about.