1. He makes fun of your fantasies.

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When your fantasies make him genuinely laugh, you will not feel relaxed and comfortable in explaining such important things for sex.


2. He doesn’t care about your orgasm

If he does not even try to work on your orgasm, but only cares about himself, nothing good will come of it.

3. He disrespects your body

Maybe he shouldn’t find your stretch marks and cellulite glamorous, but he should understand that no one is perfect.

4. He makes you feel inferior

Every person has self-doubt, but if he constantly criticizes your shortcomings, he is unlikely to feel even a little respect for you.

5. Your requests annoy him.

If you ask him to do something a little differently, and he is seriously offended or embarrassed by it, it will be of little use.

6. He tries to force you

You should feel comfortable and be able to say no. If he tries to force you to do something against your will, this only speaks of selfishness.


7. You don’t like kissing him.

If you feel a little uncomfortable from his kisses or hugs, this may be a sign that he is not your person at all, although he is quite good in bed.

8. You have to represent someone else

If for the sake of getting an orgasm you are forced to imagine another man in his place, things are bad.

9. He says you’re not the best in bed.

Even though you can’t deepthroat as unflappably as his ex, that’s not a reason to constantly remind you of this, is it?

10 He Is Against Contraception

If he refuses to even discuss contraceptive methods to make you feel safe, there can be no question of any concern.

11. You are not on the same wavelength.

If he wants sex twice a week and you want it once a day, try to encourage him to do it more often. If he does not agree to compromise, you will not succeed.

12. You have to pretend

The other extreme is an obsession with your orgasm. Sometimes it can be downright frightening, so you have to fake an orgasm to calm it down.

13. He is gentle with you only during sex.

It’s great when he whispers compliments and tenderness to you during sexual pleasures, but it’s much worse to understand that his words were caused only by lust.