1. Trick or treat?

Get into his jeans pockets and carefully pretend to be rummaging around for coins. When you find through the thin fabric of the lining not even a trifle at all – do not get lost, pay due attention to your find.


2. Throw the potion into the cauldron

Aromatherapy for two is a great way to boost your mood. When you take a bath together, use this composition:

– 2 drops patchouli essential oil

– 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil,

– 2 drops of lavender oil.

The first two components, as you know, warm up the sensuality, the third – relaxes. Remember that oil does not dissolve in water, so you need to introduce it into water after mixing it with a small amount of any soapy solution – shampoo, shower gel or bath foam.

3. Kiss like in the movies

Many couples who have been together for a long time eventually forget about hot kisses even during sex. Big mistake! Make it a rule to kiss your loved one every day with a passionate French kiss that lasts at least 10 seconds. This is an indispensable way to remind that you are also his mistress, and not just a friend of life.


4. …And let everyone die of envy

When you go somewhere together, put on something sexy: let everyone look at you, and you only look at your man. Let him not forget that you are not a free application, but a well-deserved prize.

5. Jade massage

Caress yourself… his cock. Take it in your hand and drive it along your thighs, stomach, between your breasts. Run the bridle over your nipples, slide it up to your cheek before moving on to oral sex.

6. Only without hands!

Another type of massage that he will surely enjoy is without the help of hands. Make sure the room is warm enough so that you can safely be without clothes and blankets without chattering your teeth from the cold. Undress him, and then put your hands behind his back – and slide over his body with your lips, chest, hair – everywhere, but not “there.” And only when you provoke him enough, move on to caressing the penis with the help of the chest.


7. Queen in negligee

Leave flannel nightgowns and pajamas in which you are ashamed to run out of the house in a fire, for those days when you are sick and depressed. If you sleep in clothes, then try to wear something sexy more often. Then you will feel the same way.


8. Discovery of America

Grasp the penis with your hand, like a ring, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe head, covering the open area with kisses. Then slowly move your hand lower and lower, expanding the geography of kisses to the newly opened territories.

9. Higher and higher and higher…

One of the most sensitive areas on the body is the inner thighs. First, lick your finger and slowly move it from the middle of the inner thigh up. Then follow the same route with the tip of your tongue. Since the skin here is very delicate, it is important to observe his reaction: if he is tickled, press your finger / tongue a little tighter.


10. A pillow is your best friend.

And not just in the sense that getting enough sleep is good for strong relationships (read “What’s the catch? 6 things that unexpectedly affect relationships”). The secret of the correct sexual position is in the angle at which the partner enters you and whether it stimulates one of those magic points that “trigger” your orgasm. Therefore, a pillow placed under the buttocks in the missionary position can literally forever change your intimate life for the better.

11. Just add water

If you’ve never tried lube, you’re missing out on something very interesting. They greatly increase sensitivity and enhance pleasure. Water-based lubes are best—they have a nice consistency, can be used with condoms (oil lubes are known to break down latex), and won’t stain underwear.

12. A bit of tantra

Use your breath to control your orgasm: with each exhalation, imagine that you are pushing pleasure through your body, instead of just building it up in your loins. Then at the moment of climax you can feel bliss from head to toe.