Sex during a honeymoon is one of the topics that many people care about, but few people have the courage to ask. Of course everyone’s experience is different! Here are the responses of several women with very different results.

Honey intimacy: 12 real stories about sex after marriage


  1. “We went on vacation for a week and had sex three times. Everything was fine, but the hotel had thin walls, and I had to restrain myself. Plus, I got a little sick.” Natalia, 25
  2. “We didn’t have a honeymoon, just a short vacation a year after the wedding. I don’t remember how much sex there was, probably every day.” Olga, 30 years old
  3. “We were gone for eight days. We had sex six times. But we dated for six years before we got married, so it’s hard for me to judge whether it’s a lot or a little.” Alice, 28
  4. “Not more often than usual. We went to a new country, which we are unlikely to gather again soon, so we got carried away creating memories. Sex is only part of it.” Ulyana, 29 years old
  5. “Every night!” Yana, 28 years old
  6. “To be honest, for a week we only left the room for lunch and dinner. The rest of the time we were lying around naked, so I can’t calculate how much sex there was.” Christina, 27 years old
  7. “Never at all, because they really wanted to sleep.” Elena, 29 years old
  8. “We walked a lot, so we had sex quickly – and again returned to exploring the surroundings. However, it was definitely once or twice a day.” Julia, 30 years old
  9. “We spent several nights in the hotel immediately after the wedding. I think we had sex twenty times during these three days.” Marina, 21 years old
  10. “We had a wedding in the forest, we slept in a tent, so we never did. Of course, we could, and no one would say anything, but we lived together for a long time before the wedding, so we could do it.” Vera, 26 years old
  11. “Our honeymoon lasted only three days, we swam a little and drank a lot and had sex. I don’t remember how many times. We still remember.” Ekaterina, 29 years old
  12. “Enough to get pregnant with twins!” Maria, 28 years old