Even in such a pleasant business as sex, there are rules that cannot be avoided.

11 unwritten rules of sex

  1. The first time with a new partner is never good. If only because you have never seen each other naked, and you have no idea how he behaves in bed.
  2. No prelude anywhere. And don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise. In addition to the physiological aspects, it is also an incredibly exciting process.
  3. If he ever even tries to talk about your body in a disparaging tone, leave immediately. Don’t even think about giving him a second chance.
  4. No baby talk. Why do adults need to talk to each other like a child, if you can use, on the contrary, “dirty” talk?
  5. Sex is inevitably funny. Weird sounds, funny faces, and compromising poses are all fun, not weird or uncomfortable.
  6. If you’ve taken off all your clothes, don’t forget to take off your socks. Otherwise, it will look strange and will not contribute to the sexual mood in any way.
  7. If you don’t ask him to do something special, chances are you won’t get it. Understand that he can’t read your mind, so find the right words to explain everything.
  8. Cuddling is great, but sometimes you have to sleep on the other side of the bed because it’s hot. Don’t be offended if you wake up and find this.
  9. If you expect to see him again, don’t leave while he sleeps. This is very rude and unethical towards a person.
  10. No matter how great sex was with your new partner, go to the toilet as soon as possible. This will help prevent infections.
  11. Morning sex is the best hangover cure. Followed by coffee and a sandwich for breakfast, of course.

Photo: Getty Images