1. Can the testicles grow too, just like the penis?

I’m not quite sure what you meant. Yes, they can change size during sex, but this has nothing to do with erections. If we are talking about puberty, then yes, both the testicles and the penis begin to grow at about the same time, it’s just that the penis goes through more changes.


2. Do guys have the same testicular size complex as they do with penis size: what if the other guys in the locker room have bigger testicles, etc.?

No, guys don’t care so much about their testicles. Probably because we don’t walk around wondering if we can satisfy a woman with them. Of course, if they are abnormally small, the guys still reflect on this. If you google, you will find forums where guys ask each other and doctors if everything is okay with their personal belongings.

3. Is it true that if you do not masturbate for a while, then you can accumulate more sperm in the scrotum, and is that cool?

If you’ve been abstaining for a while, you can actually have a more intense orgasm. But the body needs to regularly get rid of sperm. She shouldn’t stagnate. If you don’t do it yourself or with a partner, your testicles will arrange a hot sale of semen on their own – a nocturnal emission.


4. Does it happen that you have one testicle a little larger than the other, like our breasts?

And then. One “ball” is usually slightly larger and located in the scrotum a little lower. More often – the left, but not a fact.

5. How does it feel to get kicked in the wrong place?

This is truly terrible. There are a ton of pain receptors and no protection: no fat, no muscle to soften the blow. In addition, the nerves from there lead to the abdomen, spine and buttocks (so if this happens, the guys also get stomach pain). So it’s the worst pain imaginable, which then moves to the stomach. They say it is comparable to childbirth (only it does not last so long).

6. Touching the testicles – is it a unique sexual experience?

It is not so unique and necessary. We will achieve orgasm without it. But if you give them a little attention, it won’t hurt.



7. And what do we girls do with your “gentleman’s set”?

Ideally, use your mouth. Just take them with your lips and play with them a little. You can touch them with your fingers. Just don’t pull on them and don’t “ring” them like bells, or whatever else comes into your head.

8. Why are they all so different?

The scrotum, like the penis, can respond to a variety of stimuli and, for example, retract. In addition, like a member (or breasts – to make it clearer to you), each scrotum is a unique work of art of a unique shape and size.

9. Is it true that if a guy can’t finish for a long time, then the testicles will turn blue and swell?

To turn blue – they will not turn blue, but a feeling of discomfort, of course, will arise. So it is unlikely that you should save him under this pretext from imminent death with the help of an urgent blowjob … But you can very well grant relief.


10. Do you know how to retract/relax them on demand?

This happens automatically depending on the air temperature, swell or excitement.

11. Does it hurt to run and jump without underwear?

It cannot be said that a man without pants is obliged to stand at attention and be afraid to move. But any repetitive actions can irritate the relevant parts a little. Most guys will experience a sucking sensation in their stomach if they forget to wear underwear to the gym and are forced to jump and run. How tolerable this is, you can judge if you go to fitness without a sports bra.

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