In his eyes you are beautiful


Lights on or off, don’t care. You know that your partner loves your body and you are not shy about getting naked in front of him.

You’re not afraid to tell him what you like

And what you don’t like, too. Your relationship is so close that you know how to please each other.

With him, you really understood the meaning of the expression “making love” – ​​all the way you do it

Before it was just words, but now you feel their meaning.

When you masturbate, you imagine him, not Robert Pattinson (Ryan Gosling or David Beckham)

Your sex is so good that when you’re alone you fantasize about your boyfriend. A sure sign that you have found each other.

None of you are embarrassed by awkward moments during sex


You can always laugh it off. And even if you fell out of bed, trying to beautifully change position – think, big deal!

You feel liberated

Thanks to such a thing as trust, with it you decide to experiment and will not feel like an idiot, portraying Little Red Riding Hood or Beautiful Nanny. You generally like to try new things.

None of you are squeamish about oral sex

As they say, “don’t be lazy – share.” You want to please each other so much that it pleases you yourself.

You are not embarrassed by the morning smell from the mouth

As well as tangled hair in a dream and smeared mascara. What is natural is not ugly.

Do you like to cuddle after sex?

So they would lie all day together on the couch. And Pushkin will wash the dishes for you.

It doesn’t kill you that you’ll never have sex with anyone but him again.

You think that you have already met your happiness and destiny.

And finally – this is an orgasm!

Even a hedgehog understands: if you are crazy about him, what else is there to talk about?