1. When did you get your first multi-orgasm?

A: At 25.


B: At 17 years old.

2. How was it?

A: With an old partner. That time, I didn’t stop him while he was doing cunnilingus, right after his first orgasm. That is, there was no pause, all his efforts were directed to the clitoris.

B: I delivered it myself. And then repeated with a partner.

3. Did it surprise you?

A: Very! Never felt such a pleasant warmth.

B: Yes!

4. What kind of stimulation do you need for multi-orgasm?

A: Deep penetration and oral sex before vaginal. When I feel that an orgasm is close, I ask him to move on to the second part.

B: I get multiple orgasms from regular sex, but most often I need to include clitoral stimulation as well.

5. How long does it all take?

A: About half an hour.

B: 10-15 minutes. It’s hard to say, it all depends on the partner. With one, I was turned on at a glance and could have orgasms in 5 minutes.


6. What kind of prelude is needed?

A: At least 15 minutes, with fingering and breast caresses.

B: Depends on the mood. 10-15 minutes is enough.

7. How can you describe your feelings?

A: My knees are literally trembling! This is the most important signal. In addition, blood flow increases.

B: The first orgasm feels just like a normal one, followed by a nice little pain. I am overwhelmed with sensations, a feeling that the body is out of control, which is pleasant, although strange. It’s hard to describe, but multiple orgasms feel different than just one.

8. Can you orgasm just from vaginal sex?

A: Yes, but it depends on the mood and satisfaction with the actions of the partner. I like to close my eyes and imagine an orgasm before I get it, it enhances the sensations.


B: Yes, and it’s very nice.

9. What percentage of success depends on the actions of the partner, and what percentage depends on the capabilities of the body?

A: I think it depends on me and on the partner. It is important that he understands what he is doing. There should be no psychic defense against too much pleasure or the fact that you can show weakness.

B: I’ve had these orgasms with partners who weren’t very advanced, but it took some effort and wasn’t incredibly enjoyable. It is important to be with someone who knows my body well and takes care of my pleasure.

10. What positions would you recommend for those who also want such an orgasm?

A: The rider is the opposite. So I get maximum control over what is happening.

B: In my case, the missionary position works. It’s great if I can touch his body with my clitoris. I also love the cowgirl pose.

11. What do your girlfriends say when you tell them about it?

A: Some do not believe, but I encourage them, I suggest not to back down and remember that they deserve the same pleasure as partners.

B: They are surprised and even jealous. And, of course, they are very interested in the mechanism.