Sex in a pool or hot tub is a common sexual fantasy. But few know what it really looks like. Here are the stories of those who have tried it.

Sex in the pool: 11 candid opinions of those who have tried

  1. “Oh, it’s wonderful! It was difficult for me to keep my balance, but the sex was worth it. It’s unpleasant when water gets inside, but for the sake of intimacy you can endure.” Denis, 30 years old
  2. “Given that this is not happening at home, you have to act quickly. We tried sex in a jacuzzi with a change in water temperature and bubbles, very unusual sensations.” Olga, 27 years old
  3. “Once my ex and I made love in the pool. Very unusual! As a rule, he only needs a couple of minutes to orgasm, but he lasted longer in the water. True, water does not work well as a lubricant, but you don’t notice it in the process.” Marina, 24 of the year
  4. “I didn’t like it at all, because there was no lubrication and it was uncomfortable.” Inga, 34
  5. “We didn’t succeed, everything was too long, and the audience appeared.” Elena, 23 years old
  6. “Real sex in the pool is uncomfortable, but finger caresses are great!” Ulyana, 26 years old
  7. “It’s not as glamorous as it seems. Water gets into all the holes, the lubricant is washed off, you have to keep your head above the water. So-so entertainment”, Natalya, 30 years old
  8. “We really enjoyed it, especially because we were afraid of getting caught. A couple of weeks after that, we had sex like on a honeymoon.” Alice, 29
  9. “The main thing is to start penetration not in the water, but rising above it. Then everything will work out.” Kirill, 30 years old
  10. “I was afraid to catch something, and then I got allergic to chlorinated water.” Yana, 34
  11. “I remember with joy! Silicone grease is not washed off.” Anton, 28 years old

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