1. New, sexy lingerie makes you even more seductive not only in the eyes of your partner, but also in your own. Yes, the iconic Bridget Jones panties are practical, but they’re unlikely to make you feel super-duper chic and relaxed. And something lacy and weightless will cope with this task.

2. Try something new: a new position, adult toys, a blindfold. Neither of you expects the other to be a pro at this, so feel free to experiment together. And if something goes wrong, laugh together.

3. Why is the light of a night lamp or a candle called “intimate lighting”? Because the twilight hides the flaws and emphasizes the merits, and everything takes on such a mysterious, exciting look … Maybe this is a cliché – but it still works.

4. Take the lead – don’t expect it to come from your partner every time. If you make the first move, you feel sexier (and your partner more desirable).

5. Some people have a strange way of having sex only before bed or after sleep. Remember: sex is on its own, sleep is on its own. Want? So what are you waiting for – the end of the program “Good night, kids”?

6. Talk before or after sex – if you are worried about something that happens between you in bed, feel free to discuss it with your partner. If he knows about your worries, he may try to help. Maybe he is also not very confident in himself, and you will help him overcome his fears.

7. Clean sheets, order and comfort in the bedroom – the right environment to feel more confident.

8. Take a shower. If you know that your body is clean, you have nothing to be ashamed of if your loved one wants to explore it in more detail.

9. Only sleep with someone you trust completely. – with whom you can talk about everything with whom you are 100% comfortable.

10. Try to look at yourself the same way you look at your partner. Do you really pay attention to every callus and hair? Hardly. So most men do not look at their partner under a microscope, unless they are one of those poor fellows who look for a flaw in everyone in order to appear handsome against their background. We hope this is not your story.