Long hair for both women and men not only looks very sexy. Hair below the shoulders is also an additional opportunity for affection. And if you are not friends with hairdressing scissors, then you can do this:

In bed with Rapunzel: 10 things you can do with long hair

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  1. Slowly and gently run your hair over his face. Just be careful: do not “feed” them to your partner so that he does not have to spit until the morning))
  2. Lie down on him – with your back to your stomach, and tickle his chest and neck with a silky waterfall. No wonder you shelled out for that coffee-flavored super conditioner?
  3. If you have a habit of screaming from the heart in the process, and the sound insulation in the apartment is bad and the neighbors have already complained that they don’t know how to explain to their offspring that they don’t torture their aunt, you can bite a lock of hair. Sexy and practical.
  4. Wrap a strand around his penis and then unroll (hopefully he doesn’t think you’re using his dignity instead of curlers).
  5. If you lean slightly into the cowgirl pose, the long hair will fall down on either side of your face and block your view. This will help you concentrate on the sensations without being distracted by the wallpaper, which is time to re-paste.
  6. Going further, wrap your hair around your face to replace the blindfold. Cheaper than a leather or fur bandage from a sex shop and always on hand.
  7. Are you still on top? Pull your hair back with a careless movement of your head. Well, just a movie star. (Just don’t take a selfie right now.)
  8. In the doggy position (or blowjob with the guy lying on his back), let him pull your hair into a ponytail and hold it like a rein. It makes fun of him, because he has seen enough of this in porn films, but you are not hot, your hair does not tickle your back and does not climb into your mouth.
  9. When you are alone in front of a mirror, you can bow to his head and “try on” your luxurious hair on him. Especially if he is shaved under Kotovsky.
  10. If you manage to persuade your loved one to mess with your hair – braid it, give it a head massage, or long, slowly, carefully comb … God, this is almost an orgasm – after all, you noticed this as a schoolgirl, playing with your peers at the hairdresser. If men knew how sensitive your scalp is, they could twist ropes out of you.